Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cabbage !

Cabbage(and Cauliflower) is among the most pest prone plants among vegetables and hence the most polluted(with pesticides) vegetable available in the market. We had in fact dropped cabbage from our vegetable shopping list along with cauliflower.
We didn't have much hope when cabbage was planted, but it turned out to be a good one - we had good 1.5kg one in the end. There was a mild pest attack in the end, but it didn't affect the cabbage health in any way. They ate away some of the outer leaves. I guess the copious rains during the period helped. It is a 60 day crop and it seemed pretty slow initially, but after 45 days, it grew rapidly pushing other plants around out of its way. We have had couple of cauliflowers, but small sized ones - so we were a bit surprised at the size.

We have one more plant growing pretty healthily, but a bit smaller size one. It is just beginning to fold its leaves and hopefully we should harvest it couple of weeks time.


  1. Hi Jayadeep,
    How much space does a cabbage take for planting?
    Is a pot around 1cubic feet 1x1x1 good enough for one cabbage plant.

  2. All our plants are on 1 sqft blocks, but they are not separated - so they encroach other squares if they spread. But cabbage does grow strongly and it will be good to have a little more space I guess. But you could try on 1cubic feet pot.

  3. Good harvest. How did you manage the pests?

    Mine simply was eaten away!

  4. A running "cabbage" warning set of posts on "Farm, Yeah" in case you haven't read it already. I assume you haven't, because otherwise you might have commented. :-)

    pesticide in food - dire warning contd...

  5. @gardenerat60 - nothing in particular, caterpillars were caught and killed manually
    @OGTV - we get the seeds from, in fact they maintain the garden too

  6. @Surio - we are well aware of the cabbage bought from market and do follow "Farm Yeah" too. This is what we grow organically on our terrace, ZERO pesticides used here.

  7. @Jayadeep,
    I do know you follow that blog. And I also know you are much more keener on issues around consumerism and environment (Good comment on Story of Stuff, BTW). I knew you had commented on the cabbage here earlier too. Therefore, I was surprised that you didn't add your thought to the matter. :-)

    Anyhow, good work on your garden and your cycling. :-)