Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home-Made-Compost for Home-Made-Vegetables

We have been buying compost and cow dung for our vegetable plants till now and was using our home-made-compost only for the flowering plants. Mainly because we were not sure of the quality of the compost. But trying to make the garderning a low effort(not really a Fukoka style one) one, it didn't make sense to buy(money, effort to transport) compost when it was being produced right at our home.

The effects of our compost was very much visible after two weeks - the green and red leaves and the cauli flower that were very shy to get off the ground, grew big in no time! Since we eat meat and fish and eggs other than the vegetables, I am guessing that the compost has a good balance of elements that made it very suitable for the plants.

And the other interesting thing was the compost also contained seeds - especially that of tomatoes that sprouted without any seeding. That was a pleasant surprise!


  1. Hello Jayadeep,
    I was very much inspired reading your articles on composting. I am a writer for a women oriented website and I am planning to write on home composting. So I basically wanted to know your thoughts on home composting in an apartment and in a city like Bangalore. And do let me know what made you take this route for segregating home waste and what was your initial reactions when you started composting.

  2. Jayadeep, I did not realize you are composting your non-veg waste too! How did you find that, does it go smoothly or needs additional effort?

    And I am sorry for taking so long to drop in, did not explore your profile well enough earlier.

  3. Great post JDP. Fabulous efforts by you and your better half I am sure. Hey - what are those white dots/bulbs there in your pot?

  4. Those are egg shells - I guess we should powder it.