Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Who stole my TV ?

TV used to be mine in the weekend evenings except for couple of  long months in the UK summer(even though I am in India) to watch English Premier League matches - a fever or craziness that was caught very early in life. And the Game sure is beautiful indeed whether it is the neighborhood boys scrambing around or at the top level.

But there are other inmates at home - the cartoon channels were priority #1 for the daughter and those nonsense serials(in Hindi that too!) that wife was addicted to. So there was tension around the TV most of the time.

And that sure was taxing for my 16+ year TV that helped me watch five World Cups(off course football). The cable TV guy told me loong back that your TV is old though it became brand new after I moved to Tatasky. But I didn't give up on my TV, but then the last time the TV mechanic came, he suggested that I buy a new TV if the problems resurface again. So one fine day my TV lost its color and there was no use paying the Tatasky 400 INR for that. So my TV was dead - my daughter announced to the world that there is no color in our TV, so we stopped watching it.

So I started thinking about the use of it - football is an addiction, and those Hindi channels are as well and may be the cartoon channels could be for the kid also. So the de-addiction program was hatched. NO TV.

Sure there was withdrawal symptoms for my wife and myself - none for my daughter, she moved on to other things - drawing pictures, playing with her friends, and the make-believe stories that we were pulled into, but she also found out Mickey mouse "programs" on youtube! . But the addicts discovered that there is internet in the house to cope with the loss of TV. With 2 laptops and a smartphone, that released some contention, though there is clamor for one more device - iPad for the daughter now.

So we are now an internet TV family - while things are not very different, there is one crucial difference, we choose the programs to watch !

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